4 reasons to hire a moving company

4 reasons to hire a moving company

Planning to move soon? You more than likely have a ton of questions in mind. To be straightforward with you, moving is a demanding process that requires effort, time and preparation. It can become more demanding if you will be moving to a new city or state – that is for sure! It is a challenge not only physically but also emotionally, as well. Sometimes, stress gets in the way which can affect your approach to your move. Getting help from moving companies throughout your move is the best solution, in my opinion, and today, we will be talking about all the benefits and reasons to hire a moving company – 

Moving is time consuming

Have you ever moved before? If so, I’m assuming that you know how time consuming it really is. Seriously! It basically sucks all of your energy out of you…and then some! Packing and moving are some tasks during a move that requires a lot of time AND energy. You need to consider how many rooms and how much furniture in each room you have, to provide an estimated time to pack each valuable safely. Considering this, it will have to be done a couple of weeks in advance. You also need to take note of the challenges you will be facing in moving each item to the truck safely which will require you to use a big chunk of your time due to your inexperience in moving. But if you will be hiring a moving company, they can do it quickly and efficiently because of their experience and knowledge in packing and moving for years. This will surely save your time and energy.

You have enough to do as-is

The best reason to hire a moving company? You have enough to do as-is! Don’t put more on your plate!! 

You might even save money

Thinking of having a DIY move to save money? That is usually the reason why people are looking for ways on how to do a DIY move. A lot of people think that one can save by not hiring movers. But here’s the catch, DIY move will require you to. For moving, you may need to buy or rent a wheeled dolly, especially for large and heavy furniture. It’s an added cost to your move. To add to that, being an inexperienced mover may cause some unfortunate things that you want to avoid, like damaging your valuable possessions. This will cost more money for repairs or purchasing new furniture. Also, there will be a possibility you will not get everything done, which will result in missing your work. While moving yourself does not always cost you more money, there is a good chance that you will save money (+ effort) by hiring ateam to do it for you.

Peace of mind

Moving to a new city or state or even locally requires a lot of attention. You will have a long list of tasks to complete which includes packing, moving large and heavy boxes and pieces of furniture, and finding the right size van or truck to fit all of your belongings in just one drive if possible. Additionally, you will need to remember your personal concerns which is the reason why you moved. It could be for a new job or for starting something new which needs time for you to adjust. Hiring movers will surely help you lessen the stress you are going through and will give you peace of mind. There’s no such thing as a stress-free move, but with the help of a professional and trusted moving company, your tasks will be easier. They have the capability to help you in packing which requires a lot of time and effort. They can give you a proper estimation of your moving load which can help you find the right van or truck to ensure your belongings will fit properly. Your task is only to set a date and time that suits you, give them some instructions and they will do the rest. This way, you will avoid any problems and will give you the peace of mind needed in your new home. 

The best moving company? That depends on where you live, but in Atlanta, Page Relocation has literally the best reviews ever. They do Senior moving in Atlanta, Residential moves, commercial moves, and more.

4 reasons to hire a moving company

Page Relocation is a family-owned company who is dedicated to the happiness of their clients. They serve with integrity and care and their mission is to provide high-quality, efficient, and caring solution for the transport of your possessions. “From start to finish we are dedicated to your happiness,” they say. Here is a little more about them, from their about me page:

“Page Relocation LLC is a family owned and operated company owned By Justin & Brittany Page. In 2007, Justin began his career in the relocation industry. Over the past 13 years, he has developed relationships with some of Atlanta’s top real-estate agents and brokers.  During this time, he worked directly with over 8,000 customers to ensure their relocations were successful. His passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience grew his desire to work with corporate clients relocating their employees’ families worldwide. In addition Justin worked in commercial services; daily working with corporations, colleges, and universities in the relocation of their offices. Having all this experience has allowed Justin to position himself to run a successful moving company based on Christian leadership principles of integrity, compassion, caring, and service.

4 reasons to hire a moving company

Justin recognizes the emotional concerns of trusting your personal and corporate belongings to a moving company and it can be daunting. Our mission is to provide high quality, efficient and caring solutions for the transport of your possessions from start to delivery with the reverence it deserves. Our Goal is to relieve stress from the emotional challenge of relocation. Our Philosophy: We are based in Christian Leadership principles of Integrity, compassion, caring, and service. Our staff is screened to uphold our values and to value your possessions with the careful consideration it deserves. Our vision is to be the trusted choice to move your belongings, both personal and corporate. Initially for the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area, then thoughtfully growing regionally. 

From serving his clients to serving his community, Justin considers it an honor to help others.  In 2017, Justin was sworn in as Deputy Coroner of Cherokee County.  Justin served his community and let God use him in this position to serve grieving families in their time of need.  Additionally, Justin has assisted the Service League of Cherokee County in its annual Dancing for the Children event.  In 2017, he was selected as a dancer and raised over $11,000 for underprivileged children in Cherokee County.  Justin was humbled to receive the award for ‘Most Money Raised’.  And, in 2018, Justin was asked to be the event’s emcee.  Justin served on a mission trip to Kenya in 2017 with Be Free Revolution (BFR) and is now a BFR graduate program participant; committed to guiding and assisting high school graduates in Kenya into successful, future leaders of their community. Justin is the recipient of the Georgia State Council Georgia Peach Award for Volunteer of the Year and a three-time recipient of SHRM-Atlanta’s Presidential Leadership Award. In 2019, Justin was named Cherokee County’s Top Ten in Ten Young Professionals by the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce. On Sunday’s you will find the Page family at the New Hope Baptist Church in Canton, GA where Justin serves as the Senior Pastor.”

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