DIY Succulent Gardens
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DIY Succulent Gardens

I made succulent gardens for my daughters and daughter-in-law. I decided my girls need a little greenery in their lives. Don’t we all after a long winter?

I’ve been buying and planting flower and vegetable seeds as well as planting starter shrubs and trees to adorn my front porch and I realized just how therapeutic having a green thumb is. When I’m picking the vegetables I grew over the winter I really get lost in the time.

I planted quite a few scented plants this year as follows; Lemon mint bee balm, Marigolds I ordered some wisteria to keep in containers along my back fence. I don’t want it to take over hence why the container planting.  I started some nasturtium seeds again this year but I don’t remember them being scented last year. I did have to go with a smaller type as last year got huge and I could only keep them in my backyard where I had more room.  This is just a small sample of what I bought.  A lot of the plants I’m going to grow together in huge planters due to space.

My oldest daughter has been saying she needs a hobby now that her youngest child was accepted to the college of her choice and they’ll be empty nesters. I especially wanted to get her started with a love of plants.

I made them each succulent gardens that will fill out and grow over the course of their life.  They’ll spread out and make babies and they can repot and keep them going with just the baby succulents.  I didn’t fill my daughter-in-law’s out as full because I won’t see her for a couple of months and it will fill out quickly with this warm GA sun by the time I do.

I found some homemade dough bowls on Etsy and I bought three of them. I thought about buying myself one but they all live in nice big and roomy homes and I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment which is probably less than 1000 square feet or less. So I decided to make several hanging planters for my porch with mine.

DIY Succulent Gardens

For the plants, I purchased some succulents I found for a reasonable price at an Etsy store. I ordered one batch first because I wanted quality plants to give as a gift and I was really excited about how healthy they were when they arrived.  I have ordered and received the rest and I’m so impressed by this little store.

I used Miracle Grow cactus potting soil because I want them to have a nice long life and fill out beautifully and to do that takes good quality soil and a lot of care and love from the beginning onwards.

What do you think? How do they look? Do you think they will develop a green thumb hobby after caring for their new succulent gardens? Do you like gardening?


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