Flu Vaccine To Take Or Not To Take
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Flu Vaccine To Take Or Not To Take

I got my flu shot today because I’m not taking any chances with not getting one. There is only one year that I can recall not taking the flu shot.  The reason I can recall it is it wasn’t too long ago.  And there are some memorable instances of which I’ll never forget.

I caught the flu.  I got bronchitis.  I had pneumonia for the first time.  I’ve never been so sick in my life and I thought I was going to die.  I truly did.

Flu Vaccine To Take Or Not To Take

To step back a couple of years, I lived near a lady who’s daughter had a knot on her head.  She took her to the ER and it was examined and was sent home.  She had a stroke.  She lived in China town in Atlanta Georgia when this occurred but the only nursing home that would allow her daughter to be admitted (because of her insurance) was one in my area.

She was a dedicated mom.  She’d wake up and cook for the day about 5 am every day.  She’d then walk to the nursing home every single day.  She never missed a day, until she did and I’ll explain that in a few.  She’d feed her daughter and take care of her all day long until they’d send her home every night.  If they’d let her stay all night, she would have.  For lunch, she’d walk home after she’d feed her daughter, eat, then walk back.  Same with supper.  She couldn’t speak English and didn’t drive so anytime she needed anything she’d call her sister in Florida who would call me.

Her sister called me one night to tell me her sister was sick.  I was sick as well.  I was going to the doctor the next day and I begged her to talk her sister into going with me but she said she wanted to give it one more day.  Even though she was sick she kept going to the nursing home.  Since she wouldn’t go to the doctor, I went and bought her some soups and medicine for the flu.  She proceeded to make the soup in the microwave and opened the door to get it out when it was done, and that’s where her story ends.  She died.  Right then, right there.  My apartment manager let me know when I was at the doctor’s office.  Her sister couldn’t reach her and had him go check on her and he found her in the kitchen with the microwave door open.

She also didn’t have a flu shot.  She didn’t want to take time away from her daughter to go to the doctor. The flu kills.

I know a lot of people say they catch the flu from the flu shot.  That’s impossible.  If someone gets sick after getting the flu shot, they were already on their way to being sick when they took it.  You see, the flu vaccine is a dead virus, not a live virus.

If you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine, do your research and make up your own mind, but I do recommend it.

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