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How To Stay Warm In Winter

Oh my goodness, when it decided to get cold here in Georgia, it meant it.  I can hardly step outside without looking like an Eskimo.   Now, keep in mind, cold for us, is not the same as cold for those who live in snowy regions.  We seldom get snow with years in between, and when we do, there’s a good chance it will not stick.  Keeping that in mind, our temperatures drop to the low 20’s but never below 0.  If like myself, you’re just trying to stay warm, I’ve compiled a list of products that might be helpful.  The below products include affiliate links.  Meaning, if you make a purchase using my link, I’ll receive a small commission in the form of an Amazon GC at no additional cost to you.

Staying Warm In The Kitchen

All year long I save recipes I want to try for winter baking.  Having the oven on not only helps heat my home from drafts but the wonderful smells of food baking also makes me feel warm and cozy from the inside out.  I use scent therapy for quite a few things, to help lower my pain, to relieve stress from said pain, to relax me also from said pain, etc.  In order to bake, there are a few products you might need that I’m going to feature.  If you’re new to baking and are looking for ways to get started, I’ve got you covered too with the below eBooks and Videos.

  1. Ebooks

  1. Videos

  1. Bakeware
  2. Baking Supplies

Staying Warm Indoors

Gender Neutral

These products are designed to help make your home cozier during the winter months.  I have central heat and air but I still feel drafts here and there throughout my home.  I’ve remedied that with products like my below suggestions.  In my living room where the door is opening constantly it seems, I’ve added a small heater and tons of throw blankets.  Of course, if you’re constantly moving about your home, you’ll want to consider warmer clothes.

  1.  Space Heaters
  2.  Throw Blankets
  3.  Thermal Clothing

Staying Warm While Traveling

It’s not always easy to keep everyone happy when traveling.  One kid is too hot, one is too cold and seldom are any just right.  I’ve solved that solution with throw blankets, heated blankets, and foot warmers.


  1. Throw Blankets
  2. Heated Blankets
  3. Foot Warmers


Bath and Body

I have to add a hot bath to my list of how to stay warm in winter.  I take baths throughout the day to try to relax my back to get my pain level down.  They are a relaxing way to warm up all over as well.  Especially after I’ve been outdoors to take my dog out to do his business ;).  Coming in and having a hot bath seems to energize me as well.  I’m including some bath products that help relax me while I’m in a hot bath.

P.S. These would also make great Christmas gift ideas as well.

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How To Stay Warm In Winter #tips #health #baking #bathandbody #Christmas #winter #giftideas #giftguide #ebooks #prime #amazon #videos #shopping #weather #winter

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