Hurricane Dorian Is Headed Our Way

Hurricane Dorian Is Headed Our Way

It’s that time again, hurricane season!  After last year’s hurricane, I feel like I’m better prepared to go into hurricane Dorian.  There were some mistakes I made that I hoping to avoid as I get prepared for the latest hurricane to hit.  For instance, I should have had more charcoal on hand.  I also should have had plenty of ice as I lost everything in the freezer.   Our apartment manager sent around a list today to help everyone get prepared as the last hurricane caught most people unaware here so I have a better idea of what I  need this time around.

Hurricane Dorian Is Headed Our Way

To give myself a little credit, I had plenty of water and canned goods on hand, enough to feed my extended family and even those in my neighborhood if need be.   I had ground coffee for my French press (yep, coffee is important and needed even when the world is falling apart around me) and I also had instant coffee for a quick cup of pick me upper.  I bought a pour-over coffee dripper for the last hurricane that I ended us using more than my french press simply because it was smaller and thus easier to clean.

Since last year’s hurricane, I’ve gotten better prepared by purchasing 3 new twin beds for company. There were folks making pallets all over the place last year and the extra beds along with my futon, will do in a pinch for 5 extended family or friends who may need to stay here.  Everyone else is going to have to make pallets. I was the only one who had water last time so baths continued on even though we were out of electricity for what seemed like an eternity.  Flooding wasn’t too bad so I was able to get outdoors and grill as well.

Speaking of grilling, I bought a small grill so I don’t have to make a makeshift one this time. I will be able to cook larger amounts of foods at a time, which will come in handy.  Being able to heat water for coffee and tea, and being able to cook our meals, somehow made the whole experience more bearable.  I’m on a hunt for disposable grill accessories so I don’t have to worry about clean up after grilling.  I definitely need an under the grill protective deck and patio mat this time around because I’ll have to put my grill on the patio when it’s storming.

This year, I’ve stocked up on more batteries as well.  I have some led lanterns that I bought on Amazon that provide a lot of light and I want to make sure they’re always bright and working. I don’t need any more broken bones from stumbling around in the dark.  I also purchased some solar lights that I can bring indoors at night when they’re charged from what little light they might get during the bad weather headed our way.

In case we need to get away in a hurry, my car is full and prepared as well.  And, I will make sure I have enough cash in hand to make a quick getaway if we’re forced to move to dryer ground.

I hope everyone stays safe as hurricane Dorian approaches and you’re as prepared as possible.  I worry about everyone and this year I’m especially concerned about my dad who is stubbornly sticking it out in the heart of Florida.  He is undergoing chemotherapy and just does not feel like he’s up to relocating at this time. I will be praying for everyone in the path of this storm.  If everyone would please check in either on my contact form which goes to my email or via Facebook, it would sure make me feel a lot better.

Is there anything you can think of that might help me get better prepared for hurricane Dorian?

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