Life goes on

Life goes on

I’m trying to slowly get back to blogging on this site again. The pandemic really took a lot of me emotionally and I wasn’t motivated to do anything except glue myself to news stations. It was a trying time for everyone.  Because I’m mostly homebound, my immunity is very low and any time I go anywhere I catch everything and end up sick despite being cautious.  For this reason, I really became a recluse.

Catching COVID is still one of my biggest fears. It went through my family hard. The worst-case was with my dad who still and will always have issues with it. I continue to make alcohol wipes and use them religiously when I go anywhere. I still wear masks without fail. I buy a ridiculous amount of Lysol and I’m a constant hand washer.

I had both of my vaccines although I’ve not had a booster yet. The shots were just so painful, that I haven’t been able to make myself go get it.  I need encouragement to go take care of it.

I ordered just about everything online and I was still taking advantage of Wal-Mart curbside pickup although the last several times I got moldy fruit and veggies from the same person who I presume was a disgruntled worker. It looked like stuff you’d pick out of a throwaway bin. I’ve not been able to make myself order any more since and now venture to Dollar General marketplace instead.

I’m curious to know how the pandemic affected any of you if you’d care to share?

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