Monthly DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
Christmas,  D.I.Y.

Monthly DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations 2020

There’s 356 days until Christmas.

With Christmas in mind I will be making monthly DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations. My new year is going to be centered around, and focused on Christmas. I know it sounds crazy but it seems to sneak up on me every year and my grandbabies will be grown with their own families sooner than I want them to be.  I want to enjoy this time while I can.  So, this year, I’m in charge of Christmas, it’s not in charge of me. 

Shopping till I dropped. 

I hit all of the nearby after Christmas sales for ornaments, decorations and I even stocked up on wrapping paper because I know what theme colors I’m using next year.  As much as I try to make Christmas homey it doesn’t feel like Christmas to  me without those sweet homemade ornaments the kids used to make at school.  Because they’re all grown now with their own families, I’m going to have to get creative and make my own.  

Monthly DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Christmas and crafts go hand in hand.

If you like making crafts, and love Christmas as much as I do, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  I will post our DIY Christmas projects each month with photos, and instructions, etc so you can make them at home.  If you live in my area and want to join in, the more the merrier.  We’ll be meeting at my home each month and I’ll make snacks and of course, plenty of hot cocoa for the kids and the adults.  If it does get too big, I will rent the rec room here at my apartment complex. 

Join in on the fun.

Just shoot me an email, a facebook message or call me to let me know you’re coming and how many little stinkers you’re bringing with you.  I’ll let you know what you need to bring each month for your project.  Because of the different hours my daughters work, we’ll be having our own crafting session each month so they can make the crafts as well.   If you can’t make one session, maybe you can make the other.

Monthly DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Thinking ahead. 

Not only am I hosting a monthly DIY craft session, I’ve already started buying Christmas gifts.  Say what?  Okay, not actual presents I can wrap, but I have bought some gift cards. All the kids in my neighborhood are getting one, and I’m knocking them out early.  Christmas is not going to sneak up on me this year.

Join My Monthly DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decorations Projects 2020

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