New Bed and Bedroom
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New Bed and Bedroom

Oh my goodness, it seems like I’m forever changing things around in my new apartment, especially in my bedroom. I don’t have a lot of room in there so I’m currently trying to figure it all out. All of the rooms are small here but I’m in the kitchen most of the time so it doesn’t bother me at all until I’m trying to fit my items in my bedroom. It is a work in progress. I think downsizing my bed is going to have to happen to give me the room I need to move about in thinking long term. I’ve even been pondering moving my shelves and dresser to one of the extra rooms.

New Bed and Bedroom

Below is a little sneak peek for now. It is what it is meaning it’s a handicap apartment, not a penthouse, I don’t have fancy or grand decor, but it’s my cozy space and I feel at home here.

Posters for canvases bought at Wish. Blank canvas bought on Amazon.


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