New Budgies Parakeets
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New Budgies Parakeets

I can’t believe how time has flown by.  Next month will be my 1 year anniversary in my new apartment. A year! After I got settled in and everything unpacked, I began weighing the option to decide if I wanted a bird.  The reason I moved into a bigger place is mainly that I wanted to expand on my animal family.  With a bird no less. But then I got to thinking about how long birds live and what would happen to it if it outlived me. I had to have everything planned out before I could even consider a new family member. But I kept leaning towards yes.  After deciding that I definitely wanted a bird, it took me another 2 months to decide what kind of cage I wanted.  And then, when I had the cage all set up, I went and picked out my newest family member and let me tell you, he’s a hoot.

New Budgies Parakeets

I wanted a male parakeet because they’re the easiest birds to manage or maybe calmer is a better word (he is a she BTW but that’s a whole other post),  their chirp is the softest and they’re easier to teach to talk.  I’ve had parakeets in the past and they’re just the most gentle loving birds.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  After picking out my new baby, and he is young, under 4 months is all I was told, he became this little hellion.  He went from a chirping sweet little guy on a branch to the devil in disguise.  He absolutely tore up the man’s hands that had to catch him.  And then he let out chirps louder than I’ve ever heard parakeets chirp.  And he did this until I walked out of the store.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t a peep out of him on the way home.

But he made up for that when I scooted him into his fancy-dancy flight cage and he made a beeline straight back to me and flew right past me.  Chelsea (cat) went crazy, she saw a meal, and Peanut (dog) was so scared, I almost never got him to come out from under my futon.  He just sat shaking, he was truly terrified by the commotion.

But everyone calmed down and we’re enjoying each others company.

Saturday will be a month that he joined our family and he still won’t let me hold him.  After the first day, he hasn’t let me touch him at all.   But I’m trudging on, slow and steady, and not giving up. I have adapted to a schedule that includes plenty of time for him.  My day pretty much starts and ends with him. He knows when I wake up and take his cover off his cage that I’m going to clean and restock food and water and he watches me with his little head cocked. He eats well, he takes baths in his birdbath, he attacks his toys, and he is just hilarious to watch.

And he loves teasing Chelsea.  He will get on his lowest perch and starts chirping to get her attention and she gives it to him too.  Little does he know she probably still wants to eat him, he just likes the attention she gives him.  My hopes of having a cat and bird bonding flew the coop for now, but that’s okay.   Slowly but surely she is starting to realize he’s part of us now. We are a family even if we’re a crazy barking, meowing, chirping one.

My neighbor’s granddaughter named him blue, I named him BoBo, well actually my dad did.  He has such a funny personality and he needed a name to match it.

New Budgies Parakeets

I also bought my wheelchair-bound neighbor a bird when I bought mine, after asking her if she wanted one.  His personality is completely calm and somewhat lacking so she thought he needed a friend.  I agreed after watching his behavior. So, yesterday I skipped over to PetSmart in Albany Georgia and got both of us, new babies. I wasn’t going to get another one until I saw the one I bought.  Who they said was a she (she is a he but that’s a whole other post).  My Parakeet bird family is complete, however, love birds could be on the horizon.  Say what?

Before I bought my new baby parakeet, and now parakeets, I filled out an application online to adopt a pair of love birds.  2 females, so technically not a pair, per se.  I am excited to say that when I woke up this morning, I had an email from them and they’re going to call this afternoon to set up an interview.  With birds, you have to go thru an interview, then a home visit, and then they decide on the adoption.  I had ordered an extra flight cage in hopes of getting love birds one day  (which came in today and I rushed like a madwoman to put it together in case my home visit is today) so that worked out crazy well.  At least it will if I am approved for the adoption.

That’s my exciting news for now.   I’ll keep posting updates on my new babies progress.

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