New Curtain Rods and Brightec Floor Lamps
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New Curtain Rods and Brightec Floor Lamps

My little-handicapped apartment is coming together nicely. What I love about a handicap versus no handicap apartment is that the halls and spaces in the kitchen and bathrooms are wider giving me room to move about that I wouldn’t otherwise have, if and when the time comes I’m dependant on a wheelchair again. I’ll still be able to live on my own as I have from the beginning of my journey dealing with failed back surgery.

New Curtain Rods and Brightec Floor Lamps

I’m excited that I found some curtain rods finally that would fit the living room area, although they only had 2 at the time of my ordering them. They were the shortest ones I could find and I’m now on a hunt to find more, but smaller for all of the single windows. I don’t like curtains rods that fit across the full length of windows, I like an opening between them. It’s just a preference.

Another thing I want to mention is that my new apartment does not have as many windows as my last apartment had so I’m more dependant on floor & tabletop lamps. I’ll also be adding on screen doors so that will give me more light as well. I usually keep my back door open so Peanut can go in and out when needed but of course, living in the South means pesky gnats and mosquitos love to swarm in so that’s just a temporary solution for now. A doggie door is not an option here.

Here’s a peek of my space so far.

I’m very excited about how much I’ve accomplished in the last month since moving in. I can’t wait to get started on my kitchen. I’m currently trying to find a handyman or someone more creative than I am, to build me a garden wall in my kitchen where I have a dead wall.


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