New Kitten Named Hood Cat
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New Kitten Named Hood Cat

This has to be a first for me.  My daughter stopped by last week and kept complaining of hearing a kitten somewhere in her car.  She looked everywhere and stopped by to ask if I heard it.  I did.  Loud and clear, under the hood of the car.  She popped the hood and out jumped my new family member.  The kitten was terrified and it took 4 long days of hearing it meowing before it was starving enough to let me catch her.  With some cat food and the help of Peanut (my Chihuahua) she relented and came out from under a  car across the street from me that she was hiding under.  I posted a message on Facebook to try to find her a new home, but after only a few days, I knew, I couldn’t give her away.  It’s amazing the difference in her.  She was a kitten that acted as she’d never been handled before and now is a kitten that craves love and attention. I can’t come up with a name to fit her hysterical personality so for now I call her my little Hood Cat.

New Kitten Named Hood Cat New Kitten Named Hood Cat New Kitten Named Hood Cat New Kitten Named Hood Cat New Kitten Named Hood Cat

I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point, that my home is now filled with love.  In just a few short years, I went from being someone who lived alone to someone who now lives in a zoo, lol.

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