Top Cities in Kentucky to Visit

Top Cities in Kentucky to Visit

Top Cities in Kentucky to Visit

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Often overlooked when it comes to travel destinations, Kentucky has so much life and history to explore. If you’re a resident of this Southeastern state or have never been, there is something here for you to take away on your next trip. Delicious Southern food, local bourbon, the Kentucky Derby, hiking destinations – there is so much to experience in the Bluegrass State. For your next excursion, think about visiting one of these incredible Kentucky towns for an unforgettable experience.


Since it’s the biggest city in Kentucky, you can imagine there is a lot to do here, but that might be an understatement. Louisville home to the Kentucky Derby, but if you’re visiting outside of this annual event, the Kentucky Derby Museum is a great place to learn all about this historic race that’s been taking place, uninterrupted, since 1875. As the namesake of the official Major League Baseball bat – Louisville Slugger – you can expect a ton of history around this sport as well. Check out the Louisville Slugger Museum for some history about how this iconic bat got its name. If sports aren’t your thing, there is still plenty to do. Those with a need for adventure and a love of scenic views will find happiness at the Big Four Bridge. A former railroad bridge, this attraction allows you to travel from Louisville Waterfront Park to Jeffersonville, Indiana on foot or by bicycle. The Big Four Bridge is an absolute must-see, especially when the bridge is lit by LEDs from twilight until 1 a.m. every night. You’ll find yourself envying those who live in Louisville all year long, but don’t worry, there are always homes on the Louisville real estate market available at a good price should you fall in love with its mix of city life and Southern charm.


If you’re interested in the history of Kentucky, look no further than the historical town of Harrodsburg. Founded in 1774, Harrodsburg is Kentucky’s oldest city and is still home to many attractions that have transcended time. On your trip to this town from the past, the Kentucky Fudge Company is a must-see. Formerly Dedman Drugstore, the building was built around 1865 and formerly served as an apothecary and local hang-out. Here, you can grab a sweet treat and check out the original glass display cases and pressed tin ceilings. Along the main downtown strip, you can find other local attractions, including some of the best Southern food you’ll find in Kentucky.


Bardstown is a quaint, small town in Nelson County, Kentucky, and it certainly lives up to its nickname – “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America.” It also holds another prestigious title – “Bourbon Capital of the World.” Get a taste of some of the world’s best bourbon at one of Bardstown’s many distilleries, like the Willett Distillery or the Bardstown Bourbon Company. If you’re a real bourbon connoisseur, plan your trip for September and make sure to check out the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, held each year in the heart of Bardstown. If drinking isn’t your thing, there is still so much to do here, with great restaurants, shopping, museums, and even an old-fashioned dinner train for those who have always wanted a classic railcar dining experience.


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