Tween and Teen Girls Room Decor
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Tween and Teen Girls Room Decor

I am finally getting my new apartment in order.  I have a TV stand to assemble in my 3rd and final room (Tylers) before I post my photos from there. And then I will be finished with just about everything in my little pad.  I’ve been busy with D.I.Y. projects which I will share, I’ve been buying and assembling products and just piddling around in my apartment.   I finished the girl’s room first because there are two of them and Tyler was sleeping on my futon until I got his room finished.   I had to come up with a bedroom theme for an 11 & 15-year-old so it was a little bit of a challenge.  Even though the grandkids are spending more and more time in sports and spending time with their friends, I still wanted them to have their own bed when they come and visit this proud grandma.

How did I do?

The blue sign on the wall is one I painted.  It’s now complete with a Dream BIG decal on it.  I’ll take photos of the finished product in another post when I show how I painted it.

Tween and Teen Girls Room Decor

I was able to fit a desk in the room, although it’s a really tiny one.  The blank wall beside the closet door is where their TV is going to go.

Tween and Teen Girls Room Decor

I made the A pillows on both of the kid’s beds.  It was my first attempt to sew something by hand so they’re anything but perfect.  But I had fun trying.

Tween and Teen Girls Room Decor

Because I’m going through menopause (lol) and having hot sweats, I keep my AC on full blast.  So I bought the kids all heating blankets and a small heater for their rooms.

When I finish Tyler’s room, then I’m going to turn the girls closet into a craft closet, and then I’m going to start on my laundry closet doors and work on updating my bathrooms.

Anyhow, I hope you like what I’ve done in the girl’s room so far.

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